Development Path

Development Path


1. In 1992, Guangzhou Shichao High Performance Ceramics Corporation was established by Shanghai Institute of Internal Energy and Shilou Town Economic Development Corporation of Panyu District, Guangzhou; and a silicon nitride glow plug factory and a silicon nitride igniter factory were established. Silicon nitride heating element division.
2. In 2002, the company successfully developed silicon nitride igniters exported to Europe and the United States and other regions;
3. Established Qinghai Shengtao Technology Co., Ltd. in Xining City in 2007;
4。 In 2008, Qinghai Shengtao Technology Co。, Ltd。 officially put into mass production;
5. In October 2008, the head office was transformed into Guangzhou Shichao Special Ceramic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
6. Cooperation with Korean companies in December 2009;
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