Solar Patch Solar Panel Cutting Sheet


Solar Patch Solar Panel Cutting Sheet

Photovoltaic welding knife (GH series)
Electrical performance parameters:
Rated voltage: 24V~60V;
Frequency: 50/60Hz;
Rated power: 75W~170W;
Thermal pressure silicon nitride ceramic heating element performance, characteristics:
This product uses high-performance silicon nitride ceramics as the substrate, high-temperature mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance, acid and alkali corrosion, both excellent insulation properties, and good thermal conductivity, plus the company's proprietary formula And hot press manufacturing technology, this product has the following outstanding performance and characteristics:
1. Insulation electric strength: at room temperature 2500V, 50Hz, no breakdown for 1 minute;
2. high temperature, dry point up to 1000 °C
3. high surface load, dry point heating load up to 25w/cm2
4. Small size
5. Small thermal inertia, fast heating.
6. Long life
7. Acid and alkali corrosion
8. Small thermal inertia, fast heating, long life and other advantages;
* Dry-point heating type silicon nitride ceramic heating element for medium:
air; products can be equipped with "T05A" "T08A" "T10A" type package.
Technical indicators:


Room temperature flexural strength


Room temperature fracture toughness

6.0-8.0 Mpa.m1/2

Bulk density


Room temperature volume resistivity


Relative permittivity at room temperature


Thermal conductivity


Thermal expansion coefficient






Mechanical properties:



Fracture toughness(Mpa.m1/2

Flexural strength(Mpa)






Dry-point heating type silicon nitride ceramic heating element application range
1. Ceramic welding head
2. Packaging Machinery
3. Tobacco equipment
4. Industrial equipment heating
5. Automatic welding machine
6. Mold heater
7. Industrial equipment heating
8. Petrochemical industry
9. Applicable to various high-temperature ignition devices
Use cautions:
The working environment is strictly prohibited from quenching and heating, and it is prohibited to splash water or other liquids onto the surface of the heating body at high temperatures.
The working surface can be processed according to the customer's drawings


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